General Information

ICEINC has set up guidelines for handling personal data when using the Website managed by the Data Controller, as outlined in this privacy policy (hereafter referred to as the Privacy Policy). This Privacy Policy applies to every instance when you access the content and services we offer, regardless of the device (such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or TV) you use.

Our Privacy Policy outlines how the Company gathers, utilizes, shares, and processes your information, including personal information, through our websites or applications (referred to as the “Services”) where this Privacy Policy is published, as well as offline when you interact with us (such as through penned or verbal communications between you and the Company). By accessing or using our Services or engaging with the Company in any other way, you are providing your consent for the Company to collect and use your personal information by this Privacy Policy.

We may provide extra information about a specific service, product, or transaction with you through an additional Privacy Policy. For example, if our products come with software, that software may have its privacy policy. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not cover Company websites with their Privacy Policies, like those posted on our international operations websites.

Personal Information We May Collect About You

Personal information refers to any data that can identify you or your household, describe you, or reasonably associate with you. This does not include publicly available, de-identified, or aggregated information. We also collect sensitive personal information, a subcategory of personal information.

When providing information, include your name, surname, birth date, gender, contact number, and email ID.

  • Details on how you use our sites.

If you visit our Website, we collect data that reveals your use of our services and generates visit statistics. Learn more about cookies in the cookies policy of our Website.

  • Data from third-party sources

We may gather data about you from public and commercial sources (as enabled by applicable law) and connect it with other information we receive from or about you. Additionally, we may acquire information about you from third-party social media services when you use them, such as through your accounts.


  • Other details we collect

With your permission, we may gather additional details about you, your device, or how you interact with our Website. However, you can limit the information we receive, such as the details necessary for registering on our online store. If you choose to restrict this information, you may be unable to use our online shopping service.

How We Collect Your Personal Information

We gather information about you in various scenarios, such as when you use or engage with our Services or social media profiles, make a purchase, register a warranty, reach out to customer service, create an account on certain websites or apps, subscribe to email marketing, participate in promotions, sweepstakes, contests or surveys, click on an online advertisement for our products, communicate with us through the Services, social media, email or text message, or when we obtain your information from third-party service providers or other business associates.